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Topical quotes funny. A page for describing Quotes: Injustice 2. Trailer quotes { proper_display('tvtropes_content_2'); }); Match Intro Dialogue .

Topical quotes funny

Topical quotes funny

Getty Images Apparently Parton doesn't do drag well. Dolly Parton is loved, lauded, and larger than life. But while her co-star Sylvester Stallone has publicly regretted the vehicle, Parton declared in her autobiography My Life and Other Unfinished Business that she counts Rhinestone's soundtrack as some of her best work, especially " What a Heartache. Although we admit our tech team nearly ran away, lots of new babies are now getting freebooks! This could start off as having a cramping or pain in the lower abdomen. Getty Images Parton is well-known for her hit movies Steel Magnolias and 9 to 5 , less so for the flop Rhinestone.

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Topical quotes funny

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