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Funny birthday quotes for stepdads. Character page for Sofia the First. Due to a Shared Universe, click here for the character page for Elena of Avalor. The Royal Family Princess Sofia The .

Funny birthday quotes for stepdads

Funny birthday quotes for stepdads

Tomboy with a Girly Streak: In the series, most of it comes from her ideas on how a proper princess should behave. She wears a yellow-green dress, which hints that she's sometimes literally green with envy. Happens again when she has to share her mother during their annual Mother's Day picnic. The Amulet has granted her the power to shrink to the size of a sprite. For another example, she eventually replaces Clover with Ginger in the pet contest, but in addition to wanting to win the contest it was also because Sofia thought Clover didn't want to go.

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Funny Birthday Quotes

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Funny birthday quotes for stepdads

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