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Dementia tests funny. The most thorough list of canine cognitive dysfunction symptoms (dog dementia symptoms) you'll find, including a printable checkoff list to take to the vet.

Dementia tests funny

Dementia tests funny

An officer is on the way. You should also avoid saying the equivalent of, "I told you so," as it may make your mother defensive and less likely to trust you in the future. In a few days time, suddenly, she has every symptom on your list except not eating and drinking, and she still loves to go outside and feel the sun on her face. My husband says as long as she eats and drinks and enjoys the outside, we can deal, but she seems so confused and blank to me. Conversely, some people exhibit symptoms of dementia all day which grow worse in the late afternoon and evening, while others may exhibit no symptoms at all until the sun goes down.

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