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Hopewell funeral home plant city fl. Around , he parlayed that affinity into a family business by purchasing Hopkins Funeral Home in downtown Plant City, which he later named Colonial Funeral Home. To complement the funeral home, Glen and Doris established Hopewell Memorial Gardens by transitioning several acres of the family's citrus groves into.

Hopewell funeral home plant city fl

Hopewell funeral home plant city fl

Monday at the Freitag Funeral Home, W. Survivors include two daughters, Charlotte Nichols, of Fort Collins, and Sharon Schwartzkopf, of Boulder; four grandchildren; and two great-grandchildren. Shifflett of Edgemere, Md. Shiflett retired and he and Mrs. On June 16, he married Nancy L.

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Huntsville - Royal Funeral Home

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Hopewell funeral home plant city fl

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