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Tamil pundai sms jokes. Sexy SMS. Machan enga street dog kitta Tigernu sonna vaala aatudu, jimmy nu sona thalaya atudu athu enna machan un pera sonna mattum "vekka paduthu" Ennamo nadakuthu.

Tamil pundai sms jokes

Tamil pundai sms jokes

Main unke ghar mein hi rehta tah aur unko jokes suna suna kar hasata tah. Ab mein ne chachi se request ki chachi aap suhaagraat walay kapray pehn kar aye aur hum pyaar kare. Unki choot badi hi tight thi is tarha main ne apna lund unkey mun mein daal diya aur woh choos ne lagi. Unho ne achanak mere lund ko pakar liya aur kaha vishu plz mere choot mein andar daalo. Ek din mein clg se dopahar mein ghar aya to dekha ghar ka darwaza khula hai aur andar se azeeb se aawazein aa rahi hain.

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Tamil pundai sms jokes

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