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Pathologist joke. An internist, a surgeon and a pathologist decided that they were working too hard and that they should go duck hunting together. The surgeon turned to the pathologist and said "Go over there and tell me if that is a duck." Internist vs. Pathologist.

Pathologist joke

Pathologist joke

A sorry looking carcass fell to the ground. I'm sorry my fiancee can't be here tonight, but she's in bed with cramp. It wasn't long until another bird appeared. What could possibly be the good news? This time he beats the snot out of poor Frank. The man, clearly agitated and not willing to accept this, demands a second opinion. An internist, a surgeon and a pathologist decided that they were working too hard and that they should go duck hunting together.

Pathologist joke

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Joke - Lawyer cross-examining a pathologist

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