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Jokes gujarati dinkar. Books For You offers book Stock Market & Investment in Hindi.

Jokes gujarati dinkar

Jokes gujarati dinkar

Uttar margi to uru rath hove, utrayan tab wo kehlave, Man aru vachan karm ho pavan, sanyam karat bhale nit aardhan. The God is the most powerful and visible Dev. Shri raviharat aa horat tame, aganit kiran pasari, Vandan karu tan charan mein, argh devu jal dhari, Sakal shristi ke swami ho, sachrachar ke nath, Nisdin hot he tumse hi, hovat sandhya prabhat. Shakht ashwa rat drut gami, arun sarathi gati avirami, Rakht varan abhusan dharak, atipriya tohe lal padarath, Sarvatama kahe tumhi rigveda, metra kahe tum ko sab veda, Panch dev mein pooje jate, man vanchit phal sadhak pate. The God is the source of energy, light and life to the universe. Shree Suryadev Chalisa with Lyrics in English. As per Hindu belief, Suryadev is the only god ho can be seen and offered prayers on daily basis.

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