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Horrible teeth jokes. According to dozens of jokes, one spy-spoof movie series and even some Britons themselves, the British and bad teeth go as hand-in-hand as tea and crumpets. You can even tell when a British film star has been to Hollywood, the story goes, because they suddenly procure a bright white, perfectly aligned.

Horrible teeth jokes

Horrible teeth jokes

Apparently everyone else who spent months at a time on a ship in the Caribbean had access to a really good dentist. He pulled from my skull the greyed tooth, cracked perfectly down the middle Common throughout those years was a pulsing throb in my gums, a shock wave up a root when biting down, a headache that agitated me in classrooms. Nigel Hawtin The United States, on the other hand, did quite a bit worse. Also implied by a few Horrible toothpaste recipes, including one whose main ingredient is sugar-paste. Theo notes that Boris, who has lived all around the world, has grey, crooked and "un-American" teeth. In many states that legally counts as parental neglect and child abuse!

Horrible teeth jokes

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