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Best jokes of edinburgh fringe 2007. "I told the ambulance men the wrong blood type for my ex, so he knows what rejection feels like" – Pippa Evans "The Olympics are for everyone, not just someone who happens to own a dancing horse" – Glenn Wool, on dressage "I like Jesus, but he loves me, so it's awkward" – Tom Stade "I love being.

Best jokes of edinburgh fringe 2007

Best jokes of edinburgh fringe 2007

Had to get an even-man in to finish it off. Who's looking like a good catch now? Louise Jury presents a selection of the gags that have gone down well Friday 20 August That's a hosepipe ban waiting to happen. Chris Addison at the Pleasance I bought my parents a house. Well I'm going to delete you from my MySpace friends list". My kids sleep like caffeinated meercats promised a trip to Disney in the morning.

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