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Friedrichs funeral home inc. Kinsley Mortuary, Padden Funeral Chapel, Hanover Mortuary & Axtell-Landreth Funeral Home: Marysville, Frankfort, Hanover & Axtell, KS.

Friedrichs funeral home inc

Friedrichs funeral home inc

Mel Walters, Darin M. Jun 26, , d. Timoney, a blunt Irish-born cop who could outrun crooks and quote Yeats and who, as a ranking police official in New York, Philadelphia and Miami, plotted innovative strategies that helped reverse years of skyrocketing crime died Tuesday at the age of 68 in Miami from complications of lung cancer. He was the N. Jun 4, , d. Sep 12, , d. In the last several years, he served as the chief advisor to the government of Bahrain.

Friedrichs funeral home inc

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