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Coffins funeral. provides funeral coffins to fit all of your burial needs, order today to take advantage of our free or overnight delivery options.

Coffins funeral

Coffins funeral

There is emerging interest in eco-friendly coffins made of purely natural materials such as bamboo , X-Board , willow or banana leaf. In northern Sulawesi , some dead were kept in above ground sarcophagi called waruga until the practice was banned by the Dutch in the 19th century. The handles and other ornaments such as doves, stipple crosses, crucifix , symbols etc. This version employs only biodegradable materials, usually assembled using wooden pegs rather than metal nails, and are left with a beautiful natural finish, rather than lacquered. In England, it has long been law that a coffin for interment above ground should be sealed; this was traditionally implemented as a wooden outer coffin around a lead lining, around a third inner shell.

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Coffins funeral

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