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Wow pandaren april fools joke. Comment by Orranis The mount, Invincible, from Arthas' childhood, it was lamed before he was inducted into the Silver Hand. He killed it so that it didn't have to.

Wow pandaren april fools joke

Wow pandaren april fools joke

More than a few notable characters in their games are this. More often than not, villains in Blizzard's games fit this trope. They are rather fond of this trope. Many years later, the concept stated in the joke two players playing a single character actually existed for the character Cho'Gall in Heroes of the Storm. Reign of Chaos, the night elves have to destroy their World Tree, Nordrassil, in order to defeat Archimonde, which robs the night elves of their immortality.

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Top 5 - April Fools Game Jokes 2012

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Wow pandaren april fools joke

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