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Twins mirror joke. Want to learn some strange facts about twins? We tackle the best and the weirdest, including secret twin languages and twin mind melds.

Twins mirror joke

Twins mirror joke

Not quite the same, but it's stated in various novels that opposite-sex clones are possible, and that the corrupt rich people who choose to have their brains transferred into a younger clone sometimes pick this option with optional plastic surgery beforehand, to make sure it's a pretty clone. Max in Codex Alera doesn't just fantasize about one of these, he gets one. Changelings can only mimic ponies of the same sex, so when a female one tries to mimic the transformed kaiju-to-unicorn Godzilla Junior the result is a female version of Junior. She later attacks him for supposedly having these thoughts. The idea was to have a clone of himself implanted in a surrogate mother.

Twins mirror joke

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