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Funny overheard. year-old boy #1 playing with toy gun: You fucked my mom in the ass! [Makes shooting noises, then ducks.]year-old boy #2, nervous, to perplexed passerby: Uhhh.

Funny overheard

Funny overheard

Kurenai tries to warn her to stop but she just keeps laughing it off until Tsunade's voice calls her out. What could be more humiliating than having to kiss up to a monkey? Standing behind him, unseen, Motoko replies sincerely, "And I hope we'll be very happy together. After some more fumbling, she found the registration. The boyfriend and her had to share the top bunk in his little brothers room. Let her death ring in a new era of freedom for the "Order of the Stick"! Who do you prefer, Miss Tanizaki or Miss Kurosawa?

Funny overheard

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Artist Illustrates Funny Conversations He Has Overheard

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