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Funny halloween gravestones epitaphs. To make this simple project you only need three pieces of wood. Make a bunch of these tombstones and spread them all over your yard. Paint funny epitaphs on each one.

Funny halloween gravestones epitaphs

Funny halloween gravestones epitaphs

If you want tombstones for cupcake toppers, pour the fudge into a larger pan so you can make them thinner. It is a small place but it is adequate for my needs. Holding tightly as he lifted it higher, he gazed at the cup in wonder. Position the Step Use the layout drawing to help you position the step. Suzy was only four. He had finally won. I opened my eyes and touched my bloody nose.

Funny halloween gravestones epitaphs

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Tombstones: Humorous Epitaphs Interrupted by Undead Occupants

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