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Funny bloomers. Directed by Julie Gavras. With William Hurt, Isabella Rossellini, Doreen Mantle, Kate Ashfield. The struggles of Mary and her husband adjusting to retirement.

Funny bloomers

Funny bloomers

Bloomer abandoned trousers in when she admitted she found the cage crinoline comfortable compared to the weight of petticoats. His grandmother was mentally unstable, his mother was nearly psychotic and his sister and daughter had suffered severe mental breakdowns. Peter was actually the sane one in the family, or as it was known to people who weren't in his family, "still crazier than a shit house rat. He was running his own graphic design business Mrs Bloomer would no doubt have been thrilled. Right - A typical tailor made garment of the late Victorian era very similar in line to the cycling costume shown left and from magazine cover La Nouvelle Mode.

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Funny bloomers

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