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Funny limericks poems for kids. Famous Short Funny Poems by Pam Ayres famous poets poetry free online best top children funny poems poets poetry kids adult humor simple read online.

Funny limericks poems for kids

Funny limericks poems for kids

The following limerick is the first of many funny poems in the section. A western interpretation is a 17 syllable poem playing in formation. Edward Lear, a prolific writer of nonsense verse , is credited with introducing the limerick, although many of his limericks are rather feeble and he cheats like mad by simply repeating the rhyme from the first line in the fifth line. Don't forget Get Well Poems and Thank You poems , when someone has done a kindness for you, or given you a gift. Why are there so many Irish Limericks? Kids Limericks These amusing rhymes are great fun and an easy way to get kids interested in poems and poetry.

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