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Funny lady teletubbies. No. in series Title Original airdate; "Colours – Pink" 1 January () The Teletubbies march up and down the hill and then they watch some children explore.

Funny lady teletubbies

Funny lady teletubbies

Dipsy then say hello to Tinky Winky, and he says "Eh-oh! The bag hits the ball and it falls out of the tree. The Teletubbies watch Matthew, James and Mark herding sheep. Most of the magical events have this. Back in Teletubbyland, the narrator sings a song about Dipsy's hat whilst the hat plays tricks on Dipsy. I know this is a stealth game and we need to get around the enemies and take our time blahblblblblah but I found that nearly half of my time playing this game ended with me stood around like a hamfaced dickhead just waiting!

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Teletubbies: Naughty Lady, Yellow Cow (Season 2, Episode 32)

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Funny lady teletubbies

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