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Funny keanu. Sad Keanu is a photoshop meme based on a paparazzi photograph of the Canadian American actor Keanu Reeves sitting on a park bench and enjoying a .

Funny keanu

Funny keanu

On June 18th, , SadKeanu blogger Dan replaced all of the user-submitted images with a farewell post [19] on the site: Examples Artworks Derivatives In the months following the viral breakout of Sad Keanu, a number of spin-off photoshop memes based on other photographs of the actor surfaced online, beginning with Sad Keanu in a Helmet shown below, left in late July, followed by Happy Keanu center and Tai Chi Keanu right in October that same year. Being immortal he lived through time with many identities. Google Insights trends tend to lag for roughly days so it remains to be seen how long people will have an appetite for actively seeking the meme out. He donates money to fund cancer research. Charlemagne Aside from the striking resemblance, the account of the death of Charlemagne rise suspicion. In addition, this blog will most likely be deleted in the next 48 hours by Tumblr because of the DMCA.

Funny keanu

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Jimmy Kimmel Asks Keanu Reeves Random Questions

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