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X factor greece funny. Simon Cowell and Cheryl Tweedy have both hinted she could return to ‘The X Factor’ next year. The former judge is making a cameo appearance on the ITV talent show.

X factor greece funny

X factor greece funny

I want to make her proud. Both Jaymi and Josh attended Silvia Young school, but lost touch at 13, before forming the band. They have lost jobs along the way through putting the band first, but treat every gig as though they are centre stage at Wembley Arena. Unbeknown to Plato, however, Ann had suffered a mental breakdown two years before they met. Plato, who helped form N-Dubz with his late brother Byron, said: It still hurts, but I'm a different person now. He also thinks meeting Alicia Keys at 14 helped boost his confidence could he be a little too confident though?

X factor greece funny

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Funniest Auditions on X Factor UK

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