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Pogo funny jokes. → Latest PoGo Jokes, #New PoGo Sms #Urdu Jokes #PoGo MasTi #PoGo FunnysMs #PoGo MazA #PoGo Jokes #Funny Jokes #UrduFunnysMs + - Mareez: Hospital Mein Nurse Sey Tum Nay Hamara DIL Chura Liya Hai.? Nurse: Chal Jhooty, Hum Nay DIL Nahi Gurda Chura Liya Hai O.

Pogo funny jokes

Pogo funny jokes

Going on a Binge I went on a hard core drinking and smoking binge, and it lasted right about nine months. Repeat this process for one hour. Because everything goes in one ear and out the udder. What was the name of the cow knight? Make paper airplanes out of the exam. The farmer had cold hands!

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TOP 10 Funny Jokes in Urdu Latest Double Meaning Pogo Pathan Sardar Urdu Jokes New 2017 اردو لطیفے

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Pogo funny jokes

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