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Ofen chips funny frisch. Our Brands. We make many of Europe’s favourite savoury snacks. Our product portfolio includes international brands, such as Chio and POM-BÄR, as well as local.

Ofen chips funny frisch

Ofen chips funny frisch

For many years the Polish market leader Felix has been supplying the highest quality, most flavoursome nuts and seeds from selected plantations. It is a happy and playful brand and comes in a wide range of flavours. In , Deli Chips were added to the portfolio, which, like the pretzels, are baked to an authentic American recipe. Today, due to its wide portfolio of high quality and innovative products — from the ever popular and innovative stripped sunflower seeds range to peanuts, noble nuts and mixes — Nutline has established itself as the leading brand of the whole savoury snack market in Romania. Established in , Taffel is the original salted snack that pioneered the snacking market in Denmark.

Ofen chips funny frisch

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CHIPS selber machen

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