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Funny poems about plumbers. Drop? Lost. All the fluid of my feelings. Kept safe for good keeping, Gone. In seconds All Drains Away Amazingly, All my feelings that poured into your body. Left no impression or influence. You're still cold; A one-track mind. A drain you are. Maybe it be best. I fall in love with a plumber next. To give back what was mine.

Funny poems about plumbers

Funny poems about plumbers

He'd sit and sigh, sit and sigh, Then he'd slap the top of his head. By Joanna Fuchs Funny poetry sometimes references stories we've seen in the news, as this humorous poem does. When life gets overwhelming, it's comforting to have the Lord of the universe to talk to and to help you get through. A pastor journeyed to heaven; A cab driver followed him through; The cab driver got a mansion; The pastor got a lean-to. We'll set up a contest and see. A friend of mine checks every detail twice; He's the most meticulous man I ever knew.

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Funny Pashto Poetry by Ashfaq Rahi of Mardan, Da khazo baara ke mazahiya Shairi

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Funny poems about plumbers

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