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Funny mpg commercials. Jun 08,  · The latest salvo in the Chevrolet versus Ford pickup truck battle has been fired by Chevy, and it's a big one. Chevrolet claims that while performing.

Funny mpg commercials

Funny mpg commercials

Ford's reply to the new advertisement has been to call the testing a "marketing stunt. One involved dropping a load of 55 landscaping blocks weighing about pounds into the beds of both the Silverado and the F from 5 feet above the bed to simulate receiving a load from a skid loader at a job site. Chevrolet marketing claims that it is simply looking out for consumers' interests. In 12 trials that were recorded by video, Chevy says that the Silverado received only minor scratches and dents, while the F's bed was punctured every time, on the order of 4. Chevrolet claims that while performing standard benchmark performance testing, in which the company puts competitor vehicles through the same tests as its own trucks to determine how they perform, it discovered that the stamped aluminum used for the F's bed was susceptible to damage from dropped items. The F bed floor was dented once and punctured 13 times during the toolbox test. The company claims that it isn't taking a swipe at the Ford F or the use of aluminum, merely pointing out a competitive advantage for customers to keep in mind, but that's clearly not the case.

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Funny mpg commercials

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