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Funny fml meanings. means Fix My Lighthouse. Back in the 17th Century, lighthouse keepers were tthe butt of everyone's jokes. When a lighthouse keeper was made fun of, his retort would be "why dont you fix my lighthouse!" which was shortened over time to FML. This term was made famous in the great battle of the Sole Bay in where

Funny fml meanings

Funny fml meanings

When involved in a relationship, you throw your entire being into it. What is the full form of FML abbreviation in Funny? You are born romantic. What does FML meaning stand for Funny? What is FML definition? ROFL made its appearance in and officially disbanded in , to the disappointment of the Medievia community and their clan leader, Tharghan. BC Before there was a shorthand for "because," there was Christ.

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What does SMH mean?

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Funny fml meanings

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