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Coordinate grids fun. Stock the Shelves is a fun way for students to reinforce their skills in using a coordinate plane. The game does require students to understand negative numbers in a.

Coordinate grids fun

Coordinate grids fun

Idea 2 - Make a code Write the letters of the alphabet on the coordinate grid, with each letter having a different coordinate. The coordinate value of points in these grids could contain as many as 15 digits if numerals alone were used. Graph lines with Line Gem Line Gem 1 - If you are learning how to graph lines for the first time, try this fun tutorial and game. Columbus lies in zone 16 and row S, or in grid zone designation 16S Figure The regularly spaced lines that make the UTM and the UPS grid on any large-scale maps are divisions of the ,meter square; the lines are spaced at 10, or 1,meter intervals Figure Make a simple pattern in one of the quadrants and write down the coordinates.

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Coordinate Plane and Ordered Pairs Song

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Coordinate grids fun

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