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Bamboo fun pen touch model cth 461. User’s manual for Windows & Macintosh® ® Bamboo Touch (CTT) Bamboo Pen (CTL, CTL) Bamboo & Bamboo Fun (CTH, CTH, CTH).

Bamboo fun pen touch model cth 461

Bamboo fun pen touch model cth 461

Each button has a programmable function that is selected when you press the button. The rotation gesture may work differently depending on the application you are working with. Swipe up again to move your open windows back to the desktop. Page 31 Contents Index You can set the pen to position the screen cursor two different ways see setting the tablet mapping. Tap the pen tip once on the tablet, or press the pen tip on the tablet with enough force to register a click. Press the ExpressKey again to re-enable touch input.

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Bamboo fun pen touch model cth 461

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