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My funny valentine shirley bassey. Short Biography: Matt Dusk is one of Canada’s most beloved male vocalists, forging a career in music that has resulted in ten critically-acclaimed studio albums.

My funny valentine shirley bassey

My funny valentine shirley bassey

While his career originally focused almost exclusively on classical and opera music, another sound came calling. The following two records were apparently released in stereo only as there are no corresponding monaural release. Later, the background color of the promotional label was changed from white to a creme color, with the same graphics. Dusk has recorded and released ten studio albums and received three gold and two platinum awards. Liberty made a big splash by offering over a dozen titles in stereo, and they were one of the earliest major labels to issue stereo LPs. Finally, TransAmerica used a square-corner box with a silhouette of the Statue within. This label was used in and

My funny valentine shirley bassey

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Mix - Shirley Bassey...."My Funny Valentine"

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