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Funny pepto bismol commercial. The Critic describes Dave, played again by Jason Lee, as "a pair of shredded vocal cords with a human being attached". In the opening scene, in which the Chipmunks.

Funny pepto bismol commercial

Funny pepto bismol commercial

This guy got the "lower" part right, but put the sticker on the left, rather than the right. This plate design was the result of a class project in my hometown's elementary school, and believe me, the prototype was a lot uglier. Look, kids -- the cute lizard has a birthday hat on! This species of giant gray bunnies are bred by a guy in Germany Please god, don't make me do it. The iridescent colors are caused by oxidation, which happens very quickly when the melted bismuth is exposed to air.

Funny pepto bismol commercial

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Pepto-Bismol - Rex (2008)

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