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Funny geico commercials with tony little. Who are the two guys in the car in the Sonic commercials? —John Daniel, Albuquerque, N.M. Improv comedians T.J. Jagodowski and .

Funny geico commercials with tony little

Funny geico commercials with tony little

Did the caveman invent fire?: Vince Travis They have to be, two of the most annoying people ever, they are the reason I refuse to eat at Sonic, the one time I did, the the burger bun fell apart, the meat was dry, and the french fries cold never again Rose M. They should be embarrassed to advertise like this…. They were both in the movie, as IRS co-worker 4 and 5. The patient turns out to be Cavity Sam. A man adopting a pet possum for his kids, as a cheaper alternative to a puppy. Christopher Columbus is shown on a speeding motoboat, accompanied by two other boats, while a crew member looks seasick.

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Funny geico commercials with tony little

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