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Funny gait. Just wondered if anyone has noticed anything similar with their toddler at the time. My DD is 18mths. She was a late crawler and only started walking.

Funny gait

Funny gait

And whilst she is later than average, if she's already walking at 18 months, this isn't actually genuinely late walking at all - plenty of children walk this late, so isn't a major cause of concern if her development otherwise is on track. Back in the USSR The researchers observed similar walking patterns — a stiff, nearly immobile right arm accompanying otherwise normal movement — in four other prominent Russian officials: The researchers concluded that although Putin's movements appear to be the result of conditioning, and not an example of a neurological disorder, the study is still valuable to those who study diseases like Parkinson's , Bloem said. Like the Russian officials, actors portraying gunslingers in old-time westerns displayed a similarly immobile right arm when they strode down Main Street at high noon. Scientists have questioned whether swinging our arms actually benefits the way we move, and some studies have concluded that arm swinging in runners helps to maintain balance and conserve energy.

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Funny gait

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