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Funny ecards miss you. Send free miss you ecards at in minutes! It's fast and fun to email miss you ecards to show you care. Visit for your free.

Funny ecards miss you

Funny ecards miss you

Or come up with your own clever greetings and have one of our talking eCards speak your message aloud. Our charming crustacean is being chased by a ferocious shark. It's never been easier to stay in touch during the 21st century, and it's even easier when you're a member of Doozy Cards! A family-based company, Doozy Cards is staffed by an extremely talented group of animators, voiceover artists and writers, providing you with a distinctive selection of thoughtful and original eCards for every occasion. Tweet Missing someone you love can be sad and frustrating. She says she misses you, and you turns out to be--well, this funny ecard must be seen to be believed!

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