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Funny 50th speeches. Funny 50th Birthday quotes for a comical quota of 50’s reality. They'll kick you into the fifties with a laugh, so you can kick up your heels, high or not.

Funny 50th speeches

Funny 50th speeches

Remember, too, to mention everything this person has achieved in their lifetime, seeking input from friends and family members who may have some information and stories that you weren't aware of. As you read it, imagine you are hearing it spoken aloud. Ideal for Birthday Cards, Speeches and Toasts. Goodness me are you really 50? You'll need a smattering of anecdotes These are those funny little stories that have become legend through the years. Use it as a guide and personalize it to make it apply specifically to YOUR friend. It knows the limitations of life and its content.

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Extremely Funny 40TH Birthday Speech ( should be on the telly )

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Funny 50th speeches

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