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Bubble trouble extreme funny humor. Tom Toles is the editorial cartoonist for The Post and writes the Tom Toles blog. See all of his cartoons here.

Bubble trouble extreme funny humor

Bubble trouble extreme funny humor

We out did the speculative bubble of the s since we cut out that measly 10 percent down and went zero down and sometimes people got cash-back at closing! Russia continues to push its reserves up too. Let us compare and contrast the past with our current housing debacle: Some wise folks, like Paul Singer, have had the capacity and foresight to be raising billions of dollars for the day when monkey-chucking darts can find a target. Volatility Market pundits hurl around several definitions of volatility, and both have gotten huge press this year. Just ask the Microsoft high command. I try to read and think from both sides of the argument and especially being in the industry mortgage lender having access to additional knowledge and insight.

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Bubble Trouble Funny Cartoon Show

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Bubble trouble extreme funny humor

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