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Benny hill song funny. The Benny Hill Show towered over even Monty Python in terms of worldwide appeal and popularity in its hey day, which is just astounding. However, history rewards the.

Benny hill song funny

Benny hill song funny

The alternative comedian Ben Elton made a headline-grabbing allegation, both on the TV show Saturday Live and in the pages of Q magazine in its January issue , that The Benny Hill Show was single-handedly responsible for the incidences of rape in England during the period in question, and also suggested the programme incited other acts of violence against women. The tune used in all the chases, Boots Randolph 's " Yakety Sax ", is so strongly associated with the show that it is commonly referred to as "The Benny Hill Theme". A meeting between the two men was described in a newspaper article by Burgess and recalled in the Telegraph newspaper by the satirist Craig Brown. Here he plays a stable boy in a Lady Godiva sketch a subject that was tackled by many comedy shows throughout the late s and s, due in part to the explosion of the sexual revolution during that time. And while there is certainly a number of leering, groping gags involving women, they are no more lascivious than the antics of silent Marx Brother, Harpo. Concerned about your privacy while using Google? Legacy[ edit ] Although still shown worldwide, The Benny Hill Show has not been shown on UK terrestrial, networked television since a tribute season on Channel 4 in , and not on satellite or cable since a run on the now defunct channel Granada Plus — now ITV3 — in

Benny hill song funny

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