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Rice fun restaurant mooresville nc. 9: Azla S Grand Ave Los Angeles, CA () Churro Wot family favorite; recommend w/ Gomen (kale, collards, garlic) Misir Wot.

Rice fun restaurant mooresville nc

Rice fun restaurant mooresville nc

I ate here four nights last week and had no problems doing it, and there was always something different and I was never tired of the flavors. Those fermented soybean cakes are a staple. Then, Greg began rolling out specials he said the city had never seen before: Quickly, people started to know The Yolk, to know Greg and Subrina. She took tacos off the printed menu—you can still order them off-menu—because guests were ordering only what they could picture on a plate, and that was the tacos. She hoped the neighborhood would support another locally owned restaurant.

Rice fun restaurant mooresville nc

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