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Sliced fish hor fun recipe. Ingredients kg Hor Fun g snake-head fish slices g bean-sprouts 4 cloves garlics - minced finely 6 cloves garlics - slice thinly (deep fried till golden and crispy) 1 stalk spring onion - cut into 2 inch lengthwise salt to taste Marinating sauce for fish 2 tsp Hua Tiao Jiu 1 tsp sesame oil.

Sliced fish hor fun recipe

Sliced fish hor fun recipe

Due to hygiene reasons, I always scald them briefly in hot water to loosen, and then dry completely before using. For bean sprouts, I used normal bean sprouts but I removed the head and tail. I cooked the hor fun separately, dished them up and set them aside. And I still have so much CNY baking to be continued too!! For those, you can microwave them to warm and loosen them up before using.

Sliced fish hor fun recipe

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