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Jfk fun facts. Fast Facts: John F. Kennedy Baseball: During his school years, John F. Kennedy played baseball as a pitcher (right-handed) and third baseman. .. Hyannis Memorial: Engraved around the reflecting pool of this memorial are the words, "I believe it is important that this country sail and not lie still in the harbor." (From.

Jfk fun facts

Jfk fun facts

John F Kennedy had such concerns about the space program's high cost, that he proposed partnering with the Soviet Union on a joint expedition to the moon. In reality, Kennedy spent the first 10 years of his life in Brookline, in suburban Boston, until his family moved to the Bronx. JFK said he'd forget the whole thing if King promised to vote for him when he ran for president. Bill Clinton was the third youngest president, as 46 years of age. Kennedy's car in No at the White House. JFK died younger than any other U.

Jfk fun facts

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