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Fun facts about chester a arthur. Sometimes, to amuse myself, I try to list all of the United States Presidents by memory. (What you don't do that?) I always forget poor Chester A. Arthur, which is a shame, because he was actually a rather interesting fellow. He was born on this date in , so here are 21 facts that will help you remember.

Fun facts about chester a arthur

Fun facts about chester a arthur

Like the phrenologists, Lombroso and his acolytes argued against capital punishment for those whose degeneration was not particularly advanced but triggered by an environmental factor—they were to be treated rather than locked up. Pendleton Act - This act created the Civil Service Commission which helped to hire people for government jobs based on ability rather than political support. Chester Arthur Fact 6: He changed, working hard to complete the work Garfield had started. In the White House, Arthur became known for his sartorial style and taste for fine furnishings.

Fun facts about chester a arthur

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Chester A. Arthur: Best or Worst President?

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