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Blue heeler fun facts. Officially, however, he's the Australian Cattle Dog; the "heeler" moniker comes from the fact that the dogs were bred to herd cattle by nipping at their heels. The Australian Cattle Dog is Blue-colored dogs proved to be the most popular among ranch owners and drovers, and they became known as Blue Heelers. They were.

Blue heeler fun facts

Blue heeler fun facts

The coat is easy to maintain and requires only occasional grooming with a bristle brush; one with strong bristles, not soft ones. The breed was first known as the Australian Heeler, then later as the Australian Cattle Dog, which is the name now accepted as official throughout Australia and elsewhere. Dingoes are wild dogs in Australia. Enrolling him in a puppy kindergarten class is a great start. The Kelpie strain was ideally suited to the hot, harsh climate of Australia, and was thus propagated extensively. This body structure gives the dog agility and strength.

Blue heeler fun facts

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